A Partner – Your Choice or Destiny?

Elina Efi

Many people wonder if their partner is an unique person, the most suitable for them and is it possible to have a happy union with him/her for the rest of life? Nowadays, there are very few strong marriages. As the French writer François Mauriac wrote, “Marital love that goes through a thousand accidents is the most beautiful miracle, albeit the most common.”

Jyotish or Vedic astrology started more than 5 thousand years ago in India and differed significantly from a classical astrology, which is better known among the vast masses. According to Jyotish, it is important that the relationship should be based on the following fundamental principles for a harmonious marriage.

The first one is kinship of souls, which means having a pleasant time together, communication, and even silence. “The degree of closeness between people is determined by the comfort of silence,” wrote Indian spiritual leader Osho. The second principle is sexual compatibility. The third principle is the ability to take responsibility for each other in relationships. One person’s action affects the other. All this affects a creating of trusting, intimate relationships. It is also very important to support each other in realizing the life mission of each partner. At the same time, it is desirable to be at a high level of spiritual development and awareness, to serve, care for and help each other. As a great Russian publicist V.G.Belinsky wrote: “Only a fully matured soul can truly love, and in this case love sees its highest reward in marriage.”

Synastry is a Jyotish method, thanks to which you can find out the individual compatibility of partners, as well as how you can smooth things over in relationships that your union will be long and truly happy.

As an example, we can pay attention to Birth Charts of a famous Italian couple – Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti. A popular Italian actress, the first foreigner who won an Oscar in the Best Actress nomination, Sophia Loren went to castings since she was 16. In a audition she met her future husband, producer Carlo Ponti, who was 22 years older than her.

Her Natal Chart shows that she is looking for a man who can help her to pursue a career. Sophia Loren tends to have feelings for a mentor or a teacher, and firstly she respect well-known, glorified men in professional circles. Also Sophia Loren’s Birth Chart shows that she can become a great actress: the ability to manipulate the feelings of others, create a sexually attractive image on the screen, strong communication skills and a desire to be famous. The opportunity to be famous is directly related to the presence of a talented mentor nearby.

According to his Birth Chart, Carlo Ponti was a talented producer, an outstanding diplomat and a gifted mentor.

In this case, the meeting of Sophia Loren with Carlo Ponti turned out to be that “lucky chance” that allowed two talented people to realize their potential and go to the very top in their careers. Carlo Ponti became a teacher for Sophia Loren, opened doors to the world of show business for her. Many film critics said that Carlo Ponti picked up a featureless stone, polished it and turned it into a shiny wonderful diamond.

As for Carlo Ponti, for long-term successful relationships he needed a woman who would strive for knowledge and intellectual development. Sophia Loren is known for her extraordinary mind, subtle humor, her aphorisms are still heard by many people.

It is known that world-class stars often suffer from the pressure in society, aggressive paparazzi, an ambiguous behavior of fans, hard-hitting articles in tabloids. In addition, Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti were not allowed to formalize an official marriage for a long time. In addition, the couple had difficulties with the birth of a child – two miscarriages, a course of therapy for infertility etc. Only at the age of 34, Sophia Loren had her first child. Her Birth Chart shows that she can have a child only after she realizes certain positions in her Chart and becomes famous.

Due to Synastry, we see that Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti were similar in their inner personality structures. There is also a spiritual craving between them, a strong spiritual connection, common aims in life, favorable sexual and friendly compatibility.

In addition, they helped each other to realize and strengthen their strong positions in Charts. It is very meaningful for living in accordance the Destination and achieving success in life.

Synastry shows that the union of Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti can be called favorable. As we know, their couple is known as a prolific and long-lasting union of two outstanding people who lived happily together for about 50 years.

Synastry shows an inner spiritual and mental connection, a sexual and communicative compatibility between people. Knowing Birth Charts of a couple, we can draw conclusions about their compatibility, as well as find tips how to bring their relationships to a new, better quality level.

Elina Efi, Certified Astropsychologist, Jyotish Expert 

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