Several years ago Vladimir Efimkin told me the story about incredible female astrologer, who helps his family at the critical period.
When he and his twin brother were 12, they tried themselves in many activities, but it was difficult to give preference to one activity.

Their mother made an appointment to female astrologer with great difficulty, giving her all family’s money.
The astrologer casted boys’ birth charts, gave a lot of information about their potential, possible opportunities, if they would follow their development paths. The astrologer said that Vladimir and Alex can achieve a huge success and universal acceptance at sports. Also she answered the questions about their personalities, professional skills, future careers, health and more.

After the consultation twin brothers became serious about cycling. In 16 they honored Masters of Sports of Russia. In 23 they became leaders in the best cycling races of the world, got the universal acceptance, contracts with famous world teams.

After that twin brothers wanted to thank the astrologer but they did not seek her.

When I began studying Jyotish or Vedic Astrology, I casted the birth chart for Vladimir and told him about his inner nature, strong and weak positions in the birth chart, his Destination and Karmic aim. He said that this information echoes words of Astrologer, who had casted his birth chart many years ago.

I was always curious, studied hard, think about deep philosophical issues, tried to find questions in different knowledge systems. I obtained a higher education in the humanities, then I got degree in psychology. After that I achieved Jyotish education in prestigious Vedic Astrology Academy.

For my consultation I use full synthesis of knowledge, primarily Jyotish and Psychology. That’s how I began to help people. Genuine amazement, excitement and gratitude of people on the appointments inspire me. I see how people change their life after consultations.

Let’s suppose if every person on the Earth understand and accept himself/herself, lives according to his/her inner nature and true calling, walks toward his/her development and Destination, we will live in a better place!

I consult people on the following issues:

• Destination, how to go forward to your Destination, your further development, your Karmic aim,

• your characteristics (strong and weak points, “focal point” and source of energy, true wishes, ways of realization inner potential, health matters),

• professional realization (find “tools” helping to achieve the maximum results in your sphere of activity, how to accelerate process of achieving the goal, high results and recognition in your job and career, ability to be a businessman),

• choice of profession (identifying the area which match you mostly and where you can achieve the highest results, choice a way to make money – business, freelancer or job in any big company),

• happy, long-term relationships (with family, partners, friends, how to improve relationships),

• relationship with your partner (how to understand yourself and your partner, to improve relationships, smooth things over, what you can expect having relationships with your future partner),

• choice of partner for relationship, business, job (how to choose people around, how to communicate with them successfully),

• bring out your femininity or masculinity,

• finance (how much money you can earn and ways to do it, how to increase level of income, whether to invest the money),

• your child’s potential (Destination, strong and weak points, special characteristics, choice of activities, sports, schools, college, which can help your child to realization inner potential, true desires, the right kind of motivation, health matters),

• inner harmony and life satisfaction (what can help you to be full of energy, happiness, how to work with fear, anxiety, destructive internal programs (alcoholism, overeating and other), psychosomatic of clan ties, ways to work with these issues),

• move to another country (whether to do it and what country to choose),

• prognosis when to change job, get married and have a baby, move to another country, open the business and more,
also full review of all spheres of life and answers to all your questions.

I consult people alive or online as you like.  Price for consultation – $50-150 depending on the task.I will be happy to help you!

Elina Efi, Сertified Astrophycologist, Jyotish Expert,

Time saving in finding yourself & life mission for people who wants happy changes in life!

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