Changing a place of residence – the guarantee of a successful life?

Elina Efi

People strive to live in the most comfortable, safest conditions conducive to their social, professional and personal growth. For this reason, millions of people are trying to move to another city or country with the hope of finding more favorable living conditions for themselves.

According to a report of Berlin Institute for Population and Development, there were about 258 million migrants in the world in 2017. The number of migrants to the countries of the European Union doubled approximately – from 18 million to 35 million people from 1990 to 2017. At the same time, every fifth (21%) potential migrant worldwide wants to move to the United States, that is, 158 million people.

However, some of the migrants do not stay to live in a new country and return to their homeland after a while. Some cannot settle in a foreign country because of the language and cultural barriers, others miss their family, relatives and favorite places, and in the third, patriotism suddenly awakens.

Is it possible to find out whether a person should move to another city or country and what awaits him there? Is it worth migrating and in favor of which country to make your choice?

Jyotish or Vedic astrology started in India more than 5 thousand years ago and differed significantly from better known classical astrology. This system of knowledge gives us such an opportunity.

There is such a thing as “Yoga of moving abroad” in this system of knowledge. It is formed at a certain arrangement of planets in the sky at the time of a person’s birth.

If there is such a yoga in a person’s Natal chart, he should either work at home, or work in closed organizations (for example, in boarding schools, prisons, closed government structures), or participate in international projects, or work with the Internet, or move abroad. Otherwise, a person with such a position in the Natal chart will have to make a lot of effort, go through many overcomings and losses in order to achieve significant results in life.

There are a number of other positions in the Birth chart indicating the need to move abroad. Part of the life mission is a transformation of yourself, your genus and humanity as a whole. Therefore it is advisable to change a place of residence, otherwise a person may feel as if in isolation in the homeland, great achievements and successes will be achieved with great difficulty.

The analysis positions in the Birth chart, you can understand which country is most suitable for moving. For some people, developed countries like the USA and Canada are preferable, for others – developing countries like Russia and Mexico, in which the law is not into the centre, because of which it is possible to do non-standard business, go beyond borders. In some positions, it is worth choosing a country that is a leader in the scientific field, for example, China or Germany. With other positions in the Birth chart, it is better to move to a country where you can find a warm sea and a tropical climate, for example, Thailand or Bali.

The choice of a country depends on the specific positions in the Birth Chart. Choosing a country, the life mission, an ability to develop the potential in a new place is taken into account.

Many people know and love films with a famous Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was born in the small Tal community in Austria. There is a position in the Birth Chart, indicating that in order to realize his potential, he needs to leave his homeland and move to a rapidly developing country where there are many active decisive people. “The Iron Arnie” said that since childhood he wanted to become rich and famous, dreamed of moving to America.

In his youth, he began a career as a bodybuilder, won many prestigious awards at international competitions. At 21, he came to the United States for the first time. Initially, he became famous as a bodybuilder, then as an actor, an entrepreneur and even a politician.

His Birth Chart shows that the fame and the success comes to him through huge international projects, global realization in professional activities. “We always have to go beyond,” says the famous actor. By the age of 30, he achieved great success. Today his fortune is estimated at more than $ 900 million.

As another example, we can refer to a famous motivational speaker born with tetra-amelia, Nick Vujicic.

He was born in Australia. At the age of 17, he began performing in churches, prisons, schools and orphanages. Soon he went around the world with his motivational lectures.

My mission is to help people find their way in life,” says Nick Vujicic. His Natal chart shows that he needs to participate in large international projects and private trips around the world. The part of his Destination is to serve people by changing their consciousness.

Jyotish is an effective tool to find out if moving to another city of a country can help with individual realization, what kind of country it can be and when it is better to take the plunge.

Elina Efi, Certified Astropsychologist, Jyotish Expert 

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