How Jyotish can help Your child?

Elina Efi

All parents do what’s the best for their child. They want to see his child happy and healthy, that he or she develops according to the inner nature, finds his or her place in life and achieve the maximum results. Jyotish is one of instruments for understanding a person and help him or her at all stages of growth and to elevate him or her as a person.

Jyotish or Vedic Astrology started over 5 thousand years ago, it differs significantly from more popular classical European Astrology, which is often associated with newspaper’s predictions.

It is Jyotish that gives hints and “magic keys” to a person. He can use it and get answers to many questions, including the life mission, future path of development, ways to open the inner potential of a child. Perhaps, not other system of knowledge can give so clear and definite answers on these questions.

According to Jyotish, there are some important periods, going through which a person receives basic life skills.

To become a whole and free person, it is important how a person perceives and processes the information that he or she receives from the world. It is believed that from 6 months of intrauterine life, a child’s mental state and subconsciousness are formed. Even Sigmund Freud wrote that many problems of adulthood have their source in early childhood.

In the first years of a child’s life, a contact with his mother is especially important. Through communication with her a baby gets information about the behavior patterns, world around, including understanding whether the world is hostile or friendly. Also, the question of observing personal boundaries and adapting in the world around is directly related to interaction with the mother at this time.

After the age of 3, the contact with dad comes to the fore. This is a father who teach him or her how to set goals and achieve its, the model of the game as such. During the period, the baby can have his personal desires, show his individualism and self-expression, feeling self-confidence.

After 12 years old, a child separates from his parents, begins to learn to communicate with other people, explores actively the world around him, learns to express himself using speech and writing and analyzes information in accordance with internal desires. In parallel, a child learns to express himself creatively, to understand the beauty and the aesthetics, learns to get pleasure. At this time a sense of taste is formed. Along with this, a child learns to act, stand up for himself, fight, compete with others and achieve great goals.

A little later, at the age of 12-14, a child learns to set long-term objectives, concentrate on big tasks and see a wide range of possibilities. He learns the skills of long-term concentration on specific things, learns to engage in one activity for a long time, be patient and hard-working for achieving a cherished goal, have an ability to obey and subjugate others. A child begins to show that he or she is an independent person, understand his desires and set goals and plans for himself or herself, learns to achieve its on his own, and to take responsibility.

Every child is an individual and has his own way in life. In general, studying a child’s Birth Chart allows you to find out:

– his strengths and weaknesses, personalities,

– talents and abilities of the child and the ways of its develop,

– features of health,

– spheres of activities that give the maximum amount of energy and the possibility of personal and social realization,

– choosing a suitable sport, he is more prone to,

– choosing a specialized schools, colleges and universities are more suitable for your child,

– ways to achieve a sense of inner comfort and security, ways to overcome anxiety, fears and feelings of tension, to identify the psychosomatics of family ties,

– how to motivate a child properly,

– individual “keys” to successful communication with a child,

– sources of his real pleasure and joy, which makes him truly happy,

– specific spheres of life that you need to pay attention at a given moment in time, according to proper planetary transits,

– it is favorable or not for a child to move abroad or stay in his hometown,

– what his ideal teacher or mentor looks like.

Already in the 19th century, Oscar Wilde wrote that “the best way to make children good is to make them happy.” Jyotish makes it possible to see the inner potential of a child and his initial basic “settings”, helps to find tools for the most favorable and natural development of a child, lets him or her to live in accordance with his inner nature and be truly happy.

Elina Efi, Certified Astropsychologist, Jyotish Expert 

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