How to use the energy of your kind?

Elina Efi

Many people value and feel about their family and clan with some trepidation. Family ties, a sense of belonging and a study of the family tree are important to them. Since the dawn of time, in some countries parents paid close attention to what a kind of person with whom their child wants to connect his life.

At the beginning of the XIX century, a great Russian writer N.V. Gogol wrote: “A man without an honest family and offspring is like a grain seed thrown into the ground and wasted in the ground. No seedling – no one will know that the seed was thrown.”

According to the oldest knowledge system Jyotish, which started in India more than 5 thousand years ago, a person is born into a certain family not by chance. The soul chooses deliberately a specific family for its maximum development, actualization of potential and realization in this incarnation.

Certain positions in the Natal chart indicate that there is a strong connection between an individual and his ancestral home, a person takes ancestors’ energy. This is a kind of gift. In Ireland, there is a proverb: “The hearts of loved ones are your fortress.” At the same time if a person works on the development of certain positions in his Chart, he/she can come to very high results.

In other positions, a person can copy appearance of one of his/her parents, grandparents, in other positions – appearance and genetics of one of close relatives. Analyzing the Chart, it is possible to understand whether a person copies the inner qualities and characteristics of one of the parents. Also, a certain position in the Natal chart shows that a person can copy the appearance of his mother, and genetics – of his father, or vice versa.

In the ancient system of knowledge, it is said about the importance of people realizing their potential, using all positions in the Chart firstly, and only after that they have a child. Otherwise, lack of fulfillment and a feeling of dissatisfaction with life can affect adversely their baby.

The child inherits the genetics of the parents. If one of them has not realized their positions in the Chart, then they are passed on to his children for further realization. The more unfulfilled the parents are, the more positions the baby will have in the Chart, which are very difficult or almost impossible to realize. The Universe will expect a lot from such a child, including improvement his genetics and bring it to a new level.

As an example, we can refer to the Birth charts of members of the Royal family of Great Britain. After analyzing the Chart of Queen Elizabeth II, we can conclude that she treats her clan with great trepidation. “I’ve seen many changes in my life. Faith, family and friendship were not just unshakable for me. They remained a source of peace of mind and peace of mind,” says the Queen. For many years she has been the “calling card” of the Royal family and has been on the throne for 69 years, being the oldest British monarch in history and the longest reigning head of state in the world. The positions in the Chart of Elizabeth II suggests that she can receive the maximum calling, public love and world fame through her clan. In addition, there are positions that indicate a position of a formal leader, being more a symbol of the monarchy than a politician who affects seriously the situation in the country.

Queen Elizabeth II says: “I do not write laws and do not lead you into battle. All I can do is give my heart to these old islands and serve the people of the British Commonwealth with devotion.”

The Karmic task of the Queen is to learn how to serve people. Indeed, a real monarch is a public servant in the highest degree who does a lot of work for improving in its citizens’ quality of live. The fact that the Queen of Great Britain has been in power for so long suggests that she is successfully fulfilling her mission.

As for Prince Charles, the first son of Queen Elizabeth II, in his Birth Chart we can see positions indicating a public servant, using his knowledge and interaction with foreigners. There is also an indication that the issue of his clan is super important, he is ready to sacrifice a lot for his family and country.

Prince Edward is the youngest son of Elizabeth II. In his Chart we can see that the position indicating to serve people is the strongest and defines all his mission. Prince Edward’s life mission is related directly to serving society, being a member of the Royal family and, possibly, becoming the successor to the British throne. This way we can see how the genetics of a genus works.

Thus, the example of the Royal family shows that the genetics of this genus are improving from generation to generation. Every next potential successor to the British throne is born with the qualities most suitable to be a worthy member of the Royal family and to fulfill functions of a British monarch with honor.

Jyotish reflects clearly the genetics of a kind. Thanks to the Birth chart’s analysis, we can see which character traits a child copies from ancestors, and also analyze what tasks are facing him through Birth charts of his relatives.

Elina Efi, Certified Astropsychologist, Jyotish Expert 

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