Is it possible to live 120 years today?

Elina Efi

According to the Book of Genesis of the Scriptures, the Bible patriarchs lived for about 1000 years. The oldest living person, Japanese woman Kane Tanaka, is 118 years old. 78 years is the average life expectancy in the United States of America. A hundred years ago, people lived no more than 45 years.

Everyone wants to live a long life. Large companies are going to invest huge financial resources in studying the issue of increasing life expectancy and developing drugs, methods, systems that allow increasing life expectancy.

Many people are interested in а question how to live a long and happy life. According to Jyotish or Vedic astrology, which starts in India more than 5 thousand years ago, a person should live not less than 120 years.

There are many reasons why it isn’t easy to live so many years. Certainly, environmental pollution, unhealthy diet, the influence of drugs, non-observance of the daily regime have a detrimental effect on the quality and number of years of live.

According to Jyotish, there are two main reasons why people don’t live 120 years. The first reason is psychological problems, in particular a high level of stress, unprocessed psychosomatics of clan ties, programs of clan extinction, destructive internal programs, often imposed by society, such as alcoholism, overeating, low values, etc.

It is very important for people to accept your past with gratitude, whatever it may be, to be able to let it go and go into something new. Often a person gets stuck in the past, holds grudges against others, blames himself for misconduct, including repeating а sad experience of his older relatives. Remaining in the past, people “eat up” themselves and make them unviable.

It is important to choose your path of development in accordance with the reality around us, to live in unison with today’s life. People should periodically “clean” their psyche, not hold grudges against themselves or others and establish good relations with relatives and friends. А Turkish writer Orhan Kemal wrote that “emotional experiences exhaust a person more than any work.”

“Unrealization” is another reason why people don’t live 120 years. “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent,” said Robert De Niro’s hero in The Bronx Story movie. Often a feeling of unrealization appears at the age of 30-40, this time is also called “the midlife crisis.” According to Jyotish, if a person doesn’t use all his inner potential, in time, inner energy and desire to move disappear. According to studies, a great majority of people say that the most interesting things in life happen before the age of 30.

It is very important to have a sense of relax and find your source of energy, it will allow you to be alive and free. You should get on with your life, live in accordance with your inner nature, true desires, move towards your Destination and engage in self-development.

It is psychological problems and lack of realization why people have illnesses, including mental diseases, various forms of severe addiction, a feeling of dissatisfaction of life, a suicide desire, that affects directly their life expectancy.

As an example, we can turn to the life of a great European artist of 19th century -Vincent Van Gogh. His Birth chart is a chart of an outstanding person with a great potential for professional realization in the creative field. There are an indication of non-standard thinking, a special talent for creating something new. At the same time, his Birth chart shows that such a person is inclined to fall into the position of a victim, take offense, be dissatisfied with something, hot-tempered and have many claims to others. In addition to a predisposition to psychological problems (according to his Birth chart, it passed from generation to generation), Van Gogh lived poorly, ate badly, often drank absinthe, worked a lot – as we know, all this affects negatively on the central nervous system. As a result, very few people understood the way of life and his behavior, that’s why Van Gogh felt himself very lonely and unhappy. At some point, he entered a psychiatric hospital, and later, at the age of 37, he shot himself.

As another example, we can draw our attention to the life of Kurt Cobain, a famous American musician, the leader of Nirvana. His Birth chart shows a great potential, he could become an outstanding spiritual leader and give people emotions through social activities, related to esoteric knowledge or mysticism. Kurt Cobain was a famous musician, many people thought he was very successful. However, he did not think so, and often complained that he was not doing his own thing. He didn’t realize all potential of his Birth chart. He made many suicide attempts. Finally, one of them led to his death at the age of 27.

Knowing yourself and the inner structure of your nature, working with your inner world, as well as realizing all your potential, understanding your life mission and living in accordance with your Nature give a person an energy, inner strength and a huge incentive to live happily ever after.

Elina Efi, Certified Astropsychologist, Jyotish Expert 

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