Phenomenon of “Second Half of Life” Person – an accident or a pattern?

Elina Efi

Mark Twain once said: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

Really, understanding meaning of existence is very important for everyone. There are singular lucky people like Michael Jordan or Selena Gomez. They knew their future professions since they were children. The overwhelming majority of people understand what they want to do in life at a young or middle age. However, there are the third part of people, so called “Second Half of Life” people. Their life begins at the age of 40, give or take.

The popular dietician Madeleine Gesta says that 40 years is the zenith of life. Often “Second Half of Life” people can’t find themselves for a long time. Usually, at the age of 36-38 they have understood who they are and what their Destination is. At that age they launch grand and ambitious projects, discover extraordinary talents and abilities, get their glory and recognition.

But how can we know that a person is “Second Half of Life” person? Vedic astrology or Jyotish give the answer on this question.

There is such a thing “Kala Sarpa Yoga”. It is formed by a special arrangement of planets at the time of birth. Professional astrologer can see this kind of yoga in the Birth Chart of a person. In that case, a person can’t fully understand himself or herself, understand his matter of life. In contrast, he or she may be into something that is not related to the Destination, so he or she can mess things up. This person needs help of other people, especially help of a proper mentor. A good astrologer always can see “Kala Sarpa Yoga” in the Birth Chart and help finding special “tools” to accelerate a process to find yourself and a way of individual development.

At early times a profession was passed from a father to a son. Nowadays, there are more than 7 thousand professions, that is why it’s quite difficult to find your Destination.

If there is a “Kala Sarpa Yoga”, it’s very important to focus attention on other positions in the Birth Chart, because it can be “magic keys” helping understand yourself and your place in life.

Many people know a unique pedagogical system named under Montessori. But not everybody knows that Maria Montessori faced many difficulties in the life and she found her calling a while.

As a child, she liked mathematics, natural science and went to a technical school. Then she entered the Medical University and became the first female woman in Italy. Then she continued finding herself: she was an assistant in the hospital, studied at the Faculty of Philosophy, worked in a psychiatric clinic, wrote articles, acted as a lecturer, studied Experimental Psychology and Pedagogical Anthropology.

At the age of 37 Maria Montessori have finally realized what was her matter of life. She opened her first Children’s Home, a school for normal but neglected children. From this moment and for the rest of her long life, Montessori was focus on upbringing and educating normal children. At the same time, she was recognized by the colleagues, she got the glory. And the main thing is her education system has spread all cross the world.

As it was mentioned earlier, a mentor or a teacher can help a person who has a “Kala Sarpa Yoga” in the Birth Chart. For example, a famous actress Sophia Loren also has a “Kala Sarpa Yoga”. However, she found her Destination and achieve an international success before her 36 years old.

She used to compete in beauty pageants, trying to find your place in life. At the age of 16 she met a famous Italian movie producer Carlo Ponti, who was 20 years older than her. From this moment he became a mentor, who saw Loren’s potential. On instruction from the producer, Sophia Loren changed her surname, lost weight, learned how to create a wonderful image using cosmetics and clothes, read plenty of classical literature, studied right talk, eat, behave in society, took additional acting lessons, studied art history and more.

Many film critics said that Carlo Ponti picked up a featureless stone, polished it and turned it into a shiny wonderful diamond. Anyway, Sophia Loren and her producer had a lot of success.

At the age of 27 she played brilliantly her role in “Two Women”. She earned love of the audience, critical acclaim and won an Oscar for the Best Actress. She was the first foreign actress who won the Oscar in this nomination. Then her career grew steadily not only in Italy, but also in Hollywood.

Many famous people have a “Kala Sarpa Yoga” in their Birth Chart: Donald Trump, Margaret Thatcher, George W.Bush, Serena Williams, Adriano Celentano, Catherine Deneuve, Max Weber, George Lucas, Aleister Crowley, Brad Pitt and others. Everyone has his own way. However, if a person knows his Birth Chart, he or she can come to the Destination easily and faster. It helps to express yourself truly, feel the harmony and a strong desire to life.

Elina Efi, Certified Astropsychologist, Jyotish Expert 

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