Rich and Poor – Fate or Accident?

Elina Efi

it’s exiting for everyone to know why one person gets richer but the other person – not, although both of them can have a good education, work hard, read business literature, dream of high incomes and other attributes of life in abundance. Is it possible that some people are born “kissed on the top of the head” and they are luckier than others? Or hard work, risk-taking and a great fortune are the most important in this matter?

So many people, so many minds. “The poor see wealth as a manifestation of fate, the rich as the result of their own labor,” wrote the Slovak poet and translator Frantisek Kryška.

Jyotish or Vedic Astrology started over 5 thousand years ago, it differs significantly from more popular classical European Astrology, which is often associated with newspaper’s predictions.

According to this system of knowledge, the chance to become a rich or a poor person is written, in part, in the stars.

In according with this ancient science, there are certain positions in person’s Natal Chart that show the possibility of earning large sums of money. These are called “Poverty Yoga”, “Wealth Yoga” and “Wealth Axis”.

“Poverty Yoga” is found in a Natal Chart of the overwhelming majority of people. It does not mean at all that a person is doomed to be miserable all his life with such kind of position. In this case, it’s not easy for a person to earn a large sum of money and to find a way how to do it. Depending on a position in a Birth Chart, if a person wants to achieve the maximum well-being, he/she needs to work on certain positions in the Birth Chart, for example, become a high-class expert, find a strong, global result-oriented business partner, share knowledge in the public space, etc.

“Wealth Yoga” is much less common than “Poverty Yoga”. If a person has it in a Birth Chart, all earnings will depend on the only one position. Using this position correctly, a person is able to achieve windfall revenues.

Also there is “Wealth Axis” in a Natal Chart. If a person has it, it means that he/she has a materialistic thinking, a constant striving for material enrichment and a desire to increase endlessly his income.

As an example, we can draw attention to the the Birth Chart of Richard Branson, a British billionaire, a Virgin Group founder. There is “Wealth Axis” in his Chart. As we know, Richard Branson has a reputation of a person, who makes money out of thin air. His mind tries to monetize everything. At the same time, Richard Branson is a dreamy and romantic person, interested in creating something unique.

However, this does not prevent him from turning everything into money. Interestingly, there is “Poverty Yoga” in his Chart. Positions show that in order to earn large amounts of money, Richard Branson needs to attract huge investments, manipulate large amounts of money, and develop something new. This is exactly that a famous businessman is doing. He owns the phrase: “You can be David against Goliath if you do everything right.

As another example, we can turn to a Birth Chart of a famous Hollywood actor and film producer, Oscar winner – Brad Pitt. In his Chart, we see “Wealth Yoga”.

In his younger years, he worked in low-skilled jobs – a garbage truck driver, an animator etc. In parallel with this, he pursued an acting career, which led him to success and financial well-being. Analyzing his Natal Chart, it is clear that he needs to earn money through his appearance, face, facial expressions, as well as through creativity and creative self-expression, the talent of a diplomat and communicator. This is that led him to great success in his career and social realization. To date, Brad Pitt’s fortune is estimated at more than $200 million.

Another example that could be mentioned in this case is a Birth Chart of one of the richest people in the world, “Oracle from Omaha” – Warren Buffett. Unexpectedly, but there is “Poverty Yoga”. Despite this, when he was a child, Warren Buffett said that he will become incredibly rich. He started working at the age of 11. There are some positions indicating incredible money-making potential if it will be used correctly.

Also, his Chart tells us that he must be realized socially and make money through investments. Judging by how he realizes his Destination, it can be assumed that he is consulted by competent Destination experts.

According to examples mentioned above, presence or absence of “Wealth Yoga” or “Poverty Yoga” in a person’s Birth Chart can influence his life. However, this is not decisive, because a lot depends on the efforts made by a person in the direction of revealing all his inner potential and the right steps towards his purpose and achieving maximum results.

It is Jyotish that helps to understand these issues and speed up the process of understanding yourself and choosing the right “tools” to achieve financial well-being and not only.

Elina Efi, Certified Astropsychologist, Jyotish Expert 

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